Monday, August 13, 2007

Gifts from the Free Software Magazine

Free Software Magazine was always one of my favourite e-zines, until they decided to drop the PDF version of their magazine. That, I saw, as a very bad move. Yet, I continued to enjoy the magazine, not frequenting it as often as before, and reading it only through their monthly newsletter.

One day, as usual at the college, I came around their newsletter announcing an article entitled "The LUG is Dead" how true, I thought. I had this same notion for sometime, and kept raising this issue in our LUG. Only people were too engrossed in the community news that they never gave it a serious thought.

On the other day, I got a mail announcing that my comment to the article had been selected for their book winner competition. Cool, eh?

My prizes were a copy of "Practical Packet Analysis" AND a copy of "Qmail Quickstarter".

My first book arrived by mail the other day (11th August, 2007), via USPS. The package was posted from US on 2nd (or so the cover says), and reached me here in India on 11th! I should say, these yankees sure know how to do keep their customers happy.

This is the first book I own from No Starch Publications. I just lovvveee them!

Eagerly awaiting Qmail Quickstarter...

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