Sunday, February 03, 2008

BarCampKerala2: Great minds @ Work!

Venkat and me at the BarCamp -- CUSAT I was literally stuck with a so-called corporate training programme from Turning Point. So I considered it a relief to jump off at the first chance and let off some steam. I originally considered to take up a couple of presentations. But due to this hectic schedule I wasn't able to. Training wasn't so effective either. Some people said that their attitude had changed. I don't know. I didn't feel so different. Manu and I went from here (we were late as usual, I had to pick Manu, on the way). Jacob was kind enough to drop us near the CUSAT junction. We took an auto and had to navigate the labyrinth that CUSAT is to arrive at the Dept. of Electronics hall. Sadly, there wasn't any banners or hoardings announcing BarCamp was to be held there. Oops...! Jayakrishnan: talking about XTend IVR The LUG guys were late, only Binny and his brother (with a bunch of friends, of course) arrived before the talks began. I met a lot of great minds, and Manu was happy enough to meet so many geeky minds in Real Life™. The session ended somewhere around 5:30pm. Manu and I walked to the bus-stop. On the way, I just stopped at the MH and visited an old friend of mine — Bijith. Bijith is happy he left SNGCE for good. I agree with him, wholeheartedly! 1 soul less to suffer. ;-) I also got to be introduced to Kenny (the organiser), Vishnu (another organiser). Both from MobME thechnologies. Anand — the prime blogger-earner from Kerala. I should cosult him regarding how to earn from a blog — even a mediocre one like this! All in all, it was a wooonnddderrrfulllll experience!!! The photos are available here.


Binny V A said...

Hav'nt you heard about Twitter? That is a better location for status posts.

TheAnand said...

:) i am waiting for the video and pics myself. was a gr8 chance to meetup people.