Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Total Black Out!

I'm experiencing what could be best described as 'Every Geek's Worst Nightmare', namely, his Computer Being Stuck by Lightning!

My laptop powerbrick had been having some trouble and I was unable to charge my laptop. Now that my desktop and BSNL Wi-Fi modem being fried by the stupid lightning — I'm experiencing a Total Black Out!

I'm sorry to all those folks to whom I cannot mail, scrap in Orkut, talk in IRC, or any other net nonsense that I used to engage upon (I'm composing this on a borrowed laptop; thanks Remya).  I must have probably angered some Gods, who might have gotten displeased that I was giving my attention elsewhere.

Here's my sad episode...

Last Saturday, I was sitting in my bedroom, reading PBM notes (ok, don't believe it, if you don't want to), when I heard a distant roar of thunder.  I looked outside and saw darkened sky and lightning streaks glowing outside.  Usually, in a similar situation, we used to plug off our telephone.  I rushed downstairs, to plug off the phone, lest it be fried by lightning or something.  Mission accomplished, I proceeded to the refridgerator (I should mention that I was alone in my house, the 'other' members were out on some errands).  Suddenly, I heard a crack of thunder, a streak of white lightning, a *buzz-clank*, and the circuit-breaker switched itself off! 

I checked the TV, which was not connected, then I remembered that my desktop's UPS was plugged in.  Not powered on, but plugged in, along with the Wi-Fi modem.  I rushed back to my room, and yanked the plugs off.

It was during evening that the power came, and I went downstairs to switch on the circuit-breaker.  Sometimes afterwards, I came upstairs and switched on the desktop.  Nothing!  I weeped!  Then I tried the modem; blink-blink.  I weeped harder!

Now I have nothing left to read except for my exam notes. Maybe the Gods want it that way.  I hate deities that get irritated in short notice and wenge their anger on us poor humans. Back to exams and revisions... maybe I'll sell of my desktop or laptop or both. :(

But I feel like quoting Morpheus, "Fate, as it seems, is not without a sense of irony!"


Signil said...

Oh My Gawd !!!

Struck by lightning?! :s You have the worst luck! You angered some gods alright.

What are you going to do now? Whats the extent of the damage? BTW is the post complete..?

Anonymous said...

I feel you pain - and hope it never happens to me.

TheAnand said...

thats terrible! I must remember to remove the plugs next time the thunder strikes....how old was she?

maravind said...

Uh.. she was pretty old.
Celeron (not Katmai, but Coppermine), SD RAM, etc. So you know.

I should guess around 15yrs! It was lent to me by my uncle. I miss my 'dulcinea' :(