Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Most annoying softwares

Ooh.. this is too good to resist. For those of you who missed the /. post. Here's a list of most annoying softwares out there. That's wonderful. Here goes them:
  1. Adobe Reader (I thought I was the only one who thought that)
  2. Apple (background upgrade downloads)
  3. Windows update (my favourite)
  4. RealPlayer (ha ha)
  5. Java (wee! things get better and better)
  6. Yahoo! (I *hate* Y! messenger?)
  7. Norton Antivirus (virus? what's that? ;))
  8. Preinstalled software bundles
  9. MS Outlook/Exchange (Your mail has not be send!)
  10. Flash (I thought it bugged me only, so there...)
Too bad, they didn't include Windows Media player and IE, and MS Word. :(


Anonymous said...

IE - why is not IE on the list?

Mumble Bee said...

i know adobe reader is proprietary bs..
but its really good and i think its the best one for linux..The comment i saw in slashdot abt adobe reader dont apply for gnu/linux platform..moreover its too unfair to make to the top of the list.
Besides its the only linux pdf reader i know off that handles huge image file embedded pdfs like playboy and private mags..xpdf/evince/kpdf all hangs up..
May b acroread is good coz its done by desi ppl in their bangalore lab i guess ;-)
-mumble bee