Saturday, December 06, 2008

Geeks and cakes

Well, Christmas is coming up… people are have already started preperations.

For us, non-Christians, the biggest attractions are cakes (if you don't count hanging stars outside). But being a geek, how would you add your geeky touch to the cake?

Here are some cakes for the geek in you.

My favs? I liked the Design Cake, R2D2 Cake and the XML cake… yummy!


CherryStar said...

lol,I would love for someone to be creative enough to make me a cake like that

maravind said...


hehe.. something I wish my GF made me. ;-)

BTW, welcome to my blog.
And a nice one you've got there too :)

CherryStar said...

Thank you, i am new to the whole blogging thing. But it's nice to know someone might actually be reading it. lol.