Friday, January 30, 2009

When teens turn against their parents

What would you do when your parents usually revoke your permissions, as a result of your possible mis-behaviour? Well, some guys (and gals) thought of the worst possible retaliation against their parents.

A 16-year old girl went after her parents weilding two kitchen knives, after they revoked her cell-phone privileges.  Her parents suspected she had been stealing money to re-charge her pre-paid connection.  The parents locked themselves up from the girl, and she held them hostage for about 10 minutes. Wow!

Another 15-year old ran away from his home after his X-box 360 were confiscated by his parents. This boy went missing, and search was intensified.  He was too much into playng "Call of Duty 4:  Modern Warfare", and his parents thought that was affecting his grades. Even Micro$oft offered about a million Indian Rupees (C$ 25,000) as prize money for any information regarding this missing boy. But sadly, after a month-long search, his body was found a few kilometers from his home. How depressing!

A 17-year old guy was denied a chance to play "Halo 3". And he wenched his revenge on his parents.  He went and got his dad's 9mm pistol, and shot dead his mother, and turned against his father (who only had bullet injury). The last thing his dad remember this guy asked, coming to his room was, "Would you guys close your eyes? I have a surprise for you". The boy was convitcted, he got a life-term, without parole.  And his plea turned down. Humph!

And another funny incident where two 30-year old brothers, fighting and almost killing each other, for a PS/2 controller. The brothers allegedly got into a fist fight, which led one brother strangling the other. The one being choked pulled out a knife and stabbed the other in the chest. Crazy "kids" eh? (The MSNBC link seem to be down, you can read it from Google cache here).

What can we make of all this out bursts of Gen-Y? That parents are being too stringent and strict? Or that Gen-Y takes virtual world to be 'real' than the real world? Or that they better prefer to be left alone, than be controlled by their parents? Or violent games are to be blamed? Who is the real culprit here?

What would you, as a parent, do if you come across such an addictive situation? I'd be happy to see your opinions.


Anonymous said...

After I switched to linux, my gaming addiction have gone down drastically. So no killing parents on my side ;-)

Anonymous said...

What I get from this is that more people are idiots than used to be.

rubz said...

I believe that there r some kids who think life is just like a player...recall Max payne(who doesnt want to be like his moves , firing n all),half-life(trying to be brave n using damn lot of exotic guns...anyone wud like to have one excluding me), ....there r sum kids who FEEL like being a part of Border forces after playing Call of duty , medal of honor...n stuffs like that(just to kill people, not to defend the country)..
even i wished to be like Mai Hasegawa(ONI) after playing that fantastic happens we r humans na? atleast once in a life time we imitate sumone ..( i remember pretty well wat happened later)

If teen guys r not given wat they want(need) , they will end up doing the worst. i feel it's some sort of disorder .haha..but turning against the parents is worst of all. sum sort of counseling is needed . why dont u start an advising blog ....haha

manikandtan said...

Its more because kids don't go out to play anymore. The suppressed need for expressing their basic animal instinct, the call of the wild, all boils up just on the beanbag couches in front of plasma TVs than the playground.

give them a better way to lent it out and this would pass..

Anonymous said...

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