Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Tux in my laptop

At last... a dream come true. Taking a laptop was a necessity in the college where I'm doing MBA. I had been refraining from purchasing one because of various reasons (tight schedule, bank-loan problems, ...). I was pretty adament that I'll be going for only a "Linux laptop". Flirting with the idea of getting a ThinkPad (at least a second hand one), I had to drop that idea. I finalised on one model that comes preinstalled with Linux -- Acer. My model is Acer TravelMate 2428NWXCi. I tried installing Ubuntu DrapperDrake (6.06). Installation went smooth (as expected with Ubuntu). I was rather apprehensive regarding the WiFi part (as is the case with Linux, or so commonly believed). But as soon as I booted up my laptop in the college campus (which is WiFi enabled, and DHCP), I was up and online. Whew! Maybe one day I'll write about my 'adventures' with this Linux box, and how I live among people who won't waste any opportunity to tease a "Linux weenie". Till then, Adios

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