Friday, February 02, 2007

Who says Linux laptops clumsy?

The Laptop is still the hot topic.

If anyone manages to stop me on the way and asks me "Howdy!", he is sure to be beaten to death by yours truly's account of how I did so and so, how aptitude(8) is the best app ever written for Linux, Oh, and I forgot the new and shiny Emacs 22...

Poor soul...

OK. Exams are coming up Feb 1st week. Gotta learn, but this is irresistible.

For anyone looking forward to buying a Linux laptop -- internal modems are still an issue. I haven't found a need for my internal modem, but my sister keeps on insisting that I try and take Internet thru my dial-up.

Have to chase and catch the driver for AC97 Internal modem. I think got some project on that. I'd have to check.

In the mean time, I'll have to someway find a way of keeping this blog up-to-date!

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