Friday, March 16, 2007

Busy with second semester...

Now that second semester have started, all the troubles with assignments. We're said to do an intership training on a company for one month. The time starts from May. There are only two conditions for the intership training:
  • The company must have over 100 crores turn over, annually.
  • It should have at least 4 departments — Marketing, Finance, Production and HR.
I first approached HNL, Vellur through Saru chitta. But she informed me that the HR manager has to have Rs7,500 before deciding to permit me into the company or not. I felt that this was gross. No company has any right to claim that much money. I've approached KAMCO (Attani, Angamaly). I approached it through Shafi uncle (who was with my dad for some time in Oman). The meeting went on very well. But later it was informed to me that the compnay wasn't providing Internsip Training facility anymore. Lipids also had to be crossed off the list. They are also not planning to accomodate anyone this year onwards. So here I am... not having any idea of what to be done. Maybe I''ll find one before April 15th. Lets hope so... In the mean-time, people reading this junk might be able to help me out.

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