Thursday, November 06, 2008

Grrrlz and SMSs

Oh, so she sent you an SMS, eh?

What does it read? No, what does it really read?  I mean girls are all mystery, all hidden-meaning, and all i-keep-to-myself matters.  So how does that SMS read up to you?

Well, here's a guy who seems to have some clue (at least) to what she sent _might_ mean.

Go decode what she actually sent you.

/me scrolls back and reads all those SMS sent by pals (ahem!) of the (un)fair sex.

(Question: Do any of you know what a lot of ellipses (…) mean? Duh!)


selene said...

"An ellipsis can be used to indicate a pause in speech, an unfinished thought or, at the end of a sentence, a trailing off into silence"

Well that clears one of your doubts ;)

But this might interest the other half of your readers :P

Happy decoding mystery gals/guys :D

maravind said...

You must be a girl, eh? :-p

And, oh, thanx for that guy-sms-decoder. :-)


rubz said...

oye...HOW cum u dont noe the meaning of it...haha

I never had a lot but if you take the things I got
I wouldn't care as long as I have you
You know I'll always try to be anything you ask of me.
And this is all I want from you

I gotta have Your love and kisses

Fulfill all of my wishes
That's all I gotta have to make my dreams come true.

gals....OMG....its makes me feel....yiewwww