Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Men, Man, Manly!

People I'm close to know me as an anti-feminist. Well, to put it correctly, I can't stand feminists — who constantly think ‘men’ are the cause of all the miseries in the world, and when all men are the Blue Planet will be a nicer place to live.  If you are that sort of a person, stop reading… I have such a contempt of those type of people. 

What I think is that women, and generally all members regardless of their age, belonging to the (un)fair sex have this hostile feeling towards men.  Men are vulgar, men are lazy, men lack neatness… I've had enough!

Now, women need to understand men from men's stand-point, and not with their own narrow vision.  Unlike you folks, nothing regarding men are secrets.  

Oh well, but we get pissed off at what you ladies do — most of the time.

Well, some are wise souls, who have figured it all out.  But some are extreme cases.  Ugh!

Just like you folks who think you are better than us!

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